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auto pump controller kolkata west bengal

Electronic N Gadget is No.1 Automation Company for Domestic and Industrial Fully Automatic Water Level Controller in Kolkata since 2010. Above all, Electronic N Gadget is best company for buying Water Pump Controller in Kolkata. A 5 Star Rated Company. Automatic Pump Controller will work as a Pump operator, its I-Smart Technology keeps an Eye on Upper & Reserver Tank at the same time & Perform Uninterrupted, Confident Pumping Operation. Now no need to go on the Roof or Basement to Check Water Level & No need to pay for Pump Operator. it works on its own, it Performs duty reliably. It comes with two mode AUTO & MANUAL that Fits your Pumping Requirement. The Sensors are Calibrated for 99.99% accuracy. Saves precious water and cuts your electricity bills.

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